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UMW News Bureau

The University of Montana Western equestrian team traveled to Missoula, Mont. on March 2 and 3, 2013 to compete in two English horse shows and the Regional English show hosted by the University of Montana.

Montana Western competed against the University of Montana, Montana State University, Rocky Mountain College, Utah State University and Carroll College.

The results of the three shows are as follows.

Saturday morning results

In the walk-trot division, Meghan Ortner took second, Lauren Zobrist placed fifth and Kathleen Anderson came in sixth. In advanced walk-trot-canter, Mattie Auch took second, Jordan Fuller placed third and Jessica Kaseberg came in fourth. In novice flat, Delanie Greer took second and Laura Cleveland and Alison Pugh placed fourth. In intermediate flat, George Lawson placed fourth and Chelan Taylor came in fifth. In open flat, Linda Sieverkropp placed fifth and Michael Larsen placed sixth. In novice fences, Lawson took first, Pugh took fourth and Greer was fifth. In intermediate fences, Cleveland took second. In open fences, Larsen took first and Sieverkropp came in fifth. The Montana Western equestrian team was the overall high point team.

Saturday afternoon results

In open fences, Larsen placed fourth and Sieverkropp place fifth. In intermediate fences, Taylor took third and Cleveland placed fourth. In novice fences, Lawson took first and Greer placed third. In open flat, Sieverkropp took first and Larsen came in sixth. In intermediate flat, Lawson took first and Taylor placed third. In novice flat, Pugh was fifth. In advanced walk-trot-canter, Auch took second. In walk-trot, Zobrist took second and Anderson placed third. At the end of the show, Lawson was the high point rider and the team was reserve high point overall.

Sunday Regional Results

Over the course of the year, multiple riders qualified for the regional show by accumulating a certain number of points in their division. In walk-trot, Anderson placed fifth. In walk-trot-canter, Fuller took first and Pugh took second. In novice flat, Lawson took second and Taylor placed fourth. In intermediate flat, Caitlyn Halliwell took first. In novice fences, Taylor placed third. In intermediate fences, Sieverkropp took second. In open fences, Larsen took first. The individuals who took first or second in their division qualify to advance to English zones, and Montana Western’s Fuller, Pugh, Lawson, Halliwell, Sieverkropp and Larsen all qualified.

The Montana Western equestrian team won the region and will also be advancing to zones as a team.