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Equestrian team competes in Missoula

The University of Montana Western Equestrian team traveled to Missoula Nov. 2-3, 2013 for the three English horse shows hosted by the University of Montana. UMW competed against University of Montana, Montana State University, Rocky Mountain College and Utah State University.

Saturday Morning

  • Walk Trot division - Dani Savage and Lauren Zobrist placed fourth and Mackenzie Gardett came in sixth.
  • Beginning Walk Trot Canter - Craig Jones took second and Kathleen Anderson placed fourth.
  • Advanced Walk Trot Canter - Samantha Orjuela took first and Megan Sanabia placed third.
  • Novice Flat - Mattie Auch took second and Alison Pugh came in sixth.
  • Intermediate Flat - Karli Henderson took first, George Lawson placed third and Chelan Taylor came in fourth.
  • Novice Fences - Auch took second.

Saturday Evening

  • Novice Fences - Delanie Greer came in sixth.
  • Intermediate Flat - Taylor took second and Lawson came in sixth.
  • Novice Flat - Pugh took second and Auch placed fifth.
  • Advanced Walk Trot Canter - Orjuela placed third.
  • Beginning Walk Trot Canter - Anderson came in fifth.
  • Walk Trot - Gardett took first, Zobrist placed third and Savage came in fifth.

Sunday Morning:

  • Walk Trot - Savage came in sixth.
  • Beginning Walk Trot Canter - Zobrist placed third.
  • Advanced Walk Trot Canter - Orjuela took first, Jones placed second and Anderson came in fifth.
  • Novice Flat - Pugh placed fifth.
  • Intermediate Flat - Lawson took second, Henderson placed fourth and Taylor came in sixth.
  • Novice Fences - Auch took first, Greer placed fourth and Pugh came in sixth.
  • Intermediate Fences - Cleveland placed sixth.
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