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UMW News Bureau

Montana Western is not a typical university. Montana Western is:
  • Unique, we are the only public, higher ed. institution offering Experience One (block scheduling).
  • Hands-on, our students learn by doing in real-world environments.
  • Quality, our programs and faculty are exceptional.
  • Preparing students for success, Experience One is challenging and it makes students work hard.
  • Located in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Because of what Montana Western is, Montana Western deserves:
  • A brand/image that clearly and concisely communicates the quality and uniqueness of our institution.
What is a Brand?
  • Brand is the sum of the interactions a unique user has with the organization both directly and indirectly.
  • Brand is perception.
For our brand to be successful we must:
  • Portray the brand to prospective students.
  • Deliver what we promise in the brand.
What we promise to deliver through our brand is:
  • Advantage to graduates as they enter the workforce or graduate school because they have hands-on, real-world experiences.
  • An innovative and challenging approach to learning.
  • A serious, quality higher education.
  • An incredible environmental setting.
  • A welcoming and people-centered institution.
In this effort, our new brand includes:
  • The university's name. The university's name when used in body text is the (no uppercase "T") University of Montana Western (no hyphen). In all publications and communication we will use our entire name in the first reference and then "Montana Western (preferred) or UMW in subsequent references.
  • No hyphen. We will not use UM-Western (umh-western?) in any case.
  • Bulldogs. Our preferred mascot name is Bulldogs, not Dawgs.
Three basic princliples guide the development of Montana Western brand elements, they are:
  • Simplicity,
  • Clarity,
  • Consistency.