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University of Montana Western senior Chloe Mosey has enjoyed a successful career both as an athlete on the basketball court and as a business administration student at Montana Western. Mosey recently took her successes to a new level, earning a place on the Montana Western Dean’s List and surpassing 1,000 career points and earning over 600 career rebounds for the women’s varsity basketball team. By Kaitlin Ens [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="274" caption="Chloe Mosey"]Chloe Mosey[/caption] University of Montana Western senior Chloe Mosey has enjoyed a successful career both as an athlete on the basketball court and as a business administration student at Montana Western. Mosey recently took her successes to a new level, earning a place on the Montana Western Dean’s List and surpassing 1,000 career points and earning over 600 career rebounds for the women’s varsity basketball team. Mosey’s athletic accomplishments place her firmly in the top six rebounders in Montana Western’s Lady Bulldog Basketball Career Individual & Team Leaders Record Book. She has played in 104 games for Montana Western and earned 1,056 points for a career scoring average of 10.2 points per game. In addition, she has pulled down 632 rebounds for a career rebounding average of 6.1 per game. “At any level 1,000 in career points is a great achievement,” Montana Western Women’s Varsity Basketball Head Coach Cara Cocchiarella states. “It requires four years of dedication and hard work.” Mosey’s career accomplishments are mirrored in her 2010-2011 season statistics as well. Mosey has excelled this season both within the Bulldog team and in the Frontier Conference. She is averaging 11.5 points per game, placing her third on the team and 12th in the Frontier Conference. She averages 7.1 rebounds per game to earn her second place on the team and fourth in the Frontier Conference. A total of 17 blocked shots makes her first on the team and 11th in the Frontier Conference. She has racked up 82 offensive rebounds this season for a 3.42 per game average, which puts her at first on the team, first in the Frontier Conference, and 29th in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). She has also tallied five double-doubles in scoring and rebounding. These five games put her first for the team and third in the Frontier Conference scoring-rebounding double-doubles. Her shooting percentage is also the best on the team at 61 percent. She is currently shooting 74 percent from the free-throw line. Mosey’s drive to succeed on the court comes from her enjoyment of the physical competition and knowing that “no matter what, your team always has your back.” Four years of attending Montana Western and playing for the Bulldogs have left Mosey with many great experiences both on and off the court. A native of Bremerton, Wash., Mosey nearly missed earning those experiences. When she began looking at colleges she had no intention of coming to Montana Western. Some convincing and recruiting on the part of the Montana Western coaching staff caused Mosey to travel to Dillon and have a look. “I stepped on campus and I loved the atmosphere and the people,” Mosey remembers. “Everyone's open here.” Business administration drew Mosey due to her interest in event coordinating. She realized the skills taught in the Montana Western business administration program would prepare her for a future career she would enjoy for years. An energetic and upbeat person, Mosey has always enjoyed the process of organizing and preparing an event. “I love planning,” Mosey says. Another draw for Mosey was Montana Western’s Experience One (X1) block-scheduling program. In the X1 program students focus on one class at a time, three hours per day, for a period of 18 days before moving on to another class. “I love the X1 program,” Mosey states. “You can focus and the professors really help out. They are also very understanding of student athletes, and they make sure you are learning.” Mosey recently earned a place on the Fall 2010 Dean’s List, an accomplishment she says is partially due to the X1 system. In order to be on the Dean’s List students must classify as full-time or be enrolled in 12 semester credits and carry a minimum 3.33 grade point average. “It’s a pretty big deal for me,” Mosey said of the accomplishment. “I was a C student in high school. I’m an A student here.” During her first years at Montana Western Mosey stayed enthusiastically active in the UMW Business Club, the Ambassadors Club, and the Montana Western Student Senate. During her junior year she was the Student Senate vice president. While Mosey enjoyed being involved in the clubs she also realized she did not have time for them all and needed to focus on her goal of becoming an event coordinator. “It came down to doing clubs versus gaining world experience,” Mosey explains. “I interned with the Dillon Chamber of Commerce for three months and planned the Beaverhead County Halloween party. I went with my own ideas and nobody stopped me. I focused on marketing and networking and organized it for future years.” The Halloween party gave Mosey much-needed world experience with a successful attendance of approximately 760 people. Mosey said she enjoyed the planning process and being involved in every detail. “Chloe ran the Halloween party, the build-up and preparation,” Dillon Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bernie Childers says of Mosey. “She was a pleasure to work with. She has a great team spirit. Somebody will gain a great asset when they get her.” Mosey’s team spirit is something Coach Cocchiarella has become particularly familiar with. “I think one of the biggest things Chloe brings to the team is a real positive energy and enthusiasm,” Cocchiarella says. “She has a great personality. She is really accepting of all kinds of people and personalities. It makes her in particular a player on the team who everybody is comfortable going to and seeking guidance and support from.” Mosey’s energy, enthusiasm, and athletic ability have not gone unnoticed outside the Montana Western campus either; on Dec. 27, 2010 Mosey was named the Frontier Conference Player of the Week. In just over 19 minutes of playing time the previous week Mosey brought down 15 rebounds in Montana Western’s 111-53 blowout victory against King’s University College of Canada. “She’s a strong player and has a big impact in a lot of the games we play,” Cocchiarella adds. Mosey continued her exemplary athletic performance for the season and her career by earning her 1,000th point in the Bulldog’s game against Westminster College on Feb. 4, 2011. Four games later, Mosey has earned 1,056 career points with another two games left prior to the playoffs in March. Mosey, always a team player first, was focused on the game at hand and helping the Bulldogs compete. She didn't realize she had reached the career milestone until she began receiving congratulations from friends and teammates. “It was really exciting to realize what I had accomplished,” Mosey says. “I’m graduating in May and it’s neat to end like that.” While concentrating on the last games of her college career Mosey is also working in the Montana Western Foundation office. She is helping to plan several spring events, and in typical Mosey fashion she has been a standout member of the Foundation team. “Chloe has brought great energy and enthusiasm to the UMW Foundation office,” Foundation director Amberly Pahut notes. “It has been a pleasure to have her serve as an intern in our office this semester.” While Mosey has enjoyed her experience at Montana Western she is now shifting the focus to her future. “I’m ready for a new state, a change of scenery and place,” Mosey adds. For now, however, Mosey continues to leave an indelible mark of hard work and enthusiasm on Montana Western athletics, academics, and campus life.

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