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Campus Life

New signs for new times at the University of Montana Western

UMW News Bureau

New campus sign from South Atlantic StreetA 2010 visit to the University of Montana Western campus will reveal many new sights. In addition to the ongoing Main Hall renovation, new banners and campus signage are giving Montana Western a new look for the new year.

The Experience One banners and the campus signage are part of the continuing efforts spearheaded by the Montana Western Brand Stewardship Group. In 2005, the group began building “a new, more representative identity” for the university.

“Montana Western is incredibly unique in American public higher education,” Kent Ord, director of marketing and university relations, said. “Such an exceptional institution deserves an image and brand that clearly and concisely communicates the quality and uniqueness of our institution.”

The university installed new banners on light poles across the campus in the summer of 2009. The banners reflect Montana Western’s one-of-a-kind Experience One (X1) block scheduling program.

This winter, the first phase of new signage for the campus was implemented and includes two new university signs and individual campus building signage. The lighted University of Montana Western signs at the northwest and southwest ends of campus on Atlantic street now reflect the university’s new brand and seal.

New campus kiosks and maps will soon complete Montana Western’s signage makeover.

“Our brand values practical, real-world experience as a critical part of the educational process,” a creative brief by the Brand Stewardship Group stated. “We reflect the mountain West and its value and opportunities.”