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Historical photo of Main Hall and past students

An Invitation from Chancellor Richard Storey

Chancellor Richard Storey

Greetings from the campus of the University of Montana Western in Dillon, Mont.

Montana Western is Montana’s educational gem. Please allow me to explain.

A class of its own

This is an exceptional place to live, learn and earn a degree. Our faculty and staff are truly dedicated to students and the institutional mission of experiential learning as practiced through Experience One (X1), our innovative model of delivering classes one at a time. 

In 2005, Montana Western became the first American public university to fully implement a block scheduling program. Under this system students take, and faculty teach, one course during a block lasting three and a half weeks followed by a four-day break between blocks.

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 For more information or to register for a non-credit course, contact Wendy Dumke at (406) 683-7537 or

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Montana Western Conference and Events Services is your complete source for quality catering and event planning.
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Birch Creek


Hold a company retreat, educational outing or family reunion amid the grandeur of the Pioneer Mountains.