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10th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival Sept. 16-18

UMW News Bureau

The 10th Annual University of Montana Western 10-Minute Play Festival will take place this Sunday, Sept. 16 through Tuesday, Sept. 18.

The plays, which exclusively feature student directors and actors, will begin at 7:33 p.m. in the Small Auditorium of Montana Western's Main Hall on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights.

This year’s festival will be organized by UMW Professor of Drama Judy Ulrich’s Play Production and Intro to Directing/Intro to Acting class. The class includes students Jayme Foster, Audrey Messerly, Katherine Miller, Scott Mundaniohl, Tim Mundaniohl, Teresa Petersen, Shawn Robbins, Tracey Ross, Talon Taylor, Brandi Thompson, Ed Tinker III and Shay Wacker.

The audience will vote for their favorite plays on Sunday and Monday, and the winners will be performed on Tuesday night.

Tickets will be available at the door and are $5 for the general public and free to Montana Western students with identification.

This year’s festival schedule is as follows:

Sunday, Sept. 16

Shawn Robbins will direct Megan Gogerty’s “Rumple Schmumple.”

Teresa Peterson will direct Julianne Homokay’s “The Wedding Story.”

Shay Wacker will direct Nancy Gall-Clayton’s “A Mustache and a Mattress.” Katherine Miller

Katherine Miller will direct John Lindsey’s “Gran Gran.”

Tim Mundaniohl will direct David Fleisher’s “4-1-1.”

Talon Taylor will direct Pete Malicki’s “The Goon.”

Monday, Sept. 17

Tracy Ross will direct Nicole Pandolfo’s “Canadian Tuxedo.”

Audrey Messerly will direct Stephanie Hutchinson’s “Super 8 Versus Bacara Resort and Spa.”

Tim Mundaniohl will direct David Fleisher’s “4-1-1.”

Brandi Thompson will direct Jay D. Hanagan’s “Let Me Count the Ways.”

Ed Tinker III will direct Walter Wykes’ “Beer Girl.”

Scott Mundaniohl will direct David Wykes’ “The Spotted Man.”

Jayme Foster will direct Mark Harvey Levine’s “The Rental.”