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Business & Technology

Business & Technology

Montana Western’s business and technology program is the first in Montana to receive accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.*

The business and technology department incorporates current technology, problem-based learning and hands-on team projects that combine to let students experience their education while preparing to excel in the business world.

With an emphasis on small business, business majors have the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship from the ground up while incorporating the latest technologies and trends of the day.

The business and technology department's programs are designed to challenge students to acquire the practical, intellectual, technological, problem-solving, and communications skills necessary for successful participation in a diverse, dynamic, and global society. While the program is delivered using a small business, rural context, graduates are well prepared for joining a large corporation as well as pursuing a master’s degree in business administration.

*For more information on IACBE accreditation, click here.

Only at Montana Western.

X oneMontana Western is the only public college in the country to offer a block scheduling program. We call this innovative program Experience One (X1).