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from our Chancellor

An Invitation from Interim Chancellor Roberta D. Evans.


Welcome to the University of Montana Western. You will learn about the tremendous legacy of our university that has bridged a meaningful history to a vibrant present with an anticipation of even more growth.

Montana Western was established in 1893, one of the first post-secondary institutions in Montana created by the third legislative assembly. At its inception, the university was devoted primarily to education. When Montana communities wanted to provide educational opportunities for their children, our graduates were there to play the key role in building a very well-educated public. Now our teacher candidates continue to advance that worthy cause as they pursue careers both in Montana, where our school systems are among the nation's highest-performers, as well as nationwide in schools and other education-related organizations.

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 For more information or to register for a non-credit course, contact Wendy Dumke at (406) 683-7537 or

Only at Montana Western.

X oneMontana Western is the only public college in the country to offer a block scheduling program. We call this innovative program Experience One (X1).

Provost Search

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UMW conducts national search for new provost.

The University of Montana Western has launched a national search for the provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs position.

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