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School of Outreach


Lifelong Learning

Outreach of a hand in a handThe School of Outreach embodies Montana Western’s mission of serving citizens of all ages and backgrounds with academic and community service as well as lifelong learning programs extending beyond traditional university course offerings.

A diverse range of credit, non-credit, grant-funded, self-supporting and sponsored programs are offered at locations on and off campus as well as online. Spring, summer and fall sessions are offered days, nights, and on weekends.

Whether for personal enrichment or professional development, the School of Outreach is your source for lifelong learning.

For more information about the School of Outreach, please call (406) 683-7537 or (866) 799-9140 or take a minute to fill out this form.


Only at Montana Western.

X oneMontana Western is the only public college in the country to offer a block scheduling program. We call this innovative program Experience One (X1).