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Montana Western student athletes rise to the challenge

UMW News Bureau

Kristen Luedtke holding her child and Terry Hauser shooting a basketballMontana Western's Kristen Luedtke and Terry Hauser rise to the challenge demanded of college student athletes.

Kristen Luedtke

The secret to success for student athletes competing on the collegiate level is learning to juggle academics and athletics. For University of Montana Western senior basketball guard Kristen Luedtke, her juggling act is quite a bit more complicated.

Terry Hauser

Two winters ago, Montana Western senior and Bulldog basketball guard Terry Hauser had a watershed moment while working for his father’s Three Forks, Mont. drilling and pump business. It was a particularly cold day, and he and his brother had just finished fixing a frozen hydrant.

“I remember looking at my brother on the way home and saying, ‘Man, I can’t do this the rest of my life. I’m going back to school,’” Hauser recalls.