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Quick Quotes

UMW News Bureau

Student Quotes “I like Experience One because it is a more one-on-one approach between professors and students.” – Tony Hoffman, Student “I love Experience One. It is intense, fulfilling and very challenging.” – Brian Anderson, Student “X1 is a little harder, but taking one class at a time makes it easier to learn and study and I love the one-on-one with my professors.” – Kelby Thomas, Student “I chose Montana Western because of X1. One class, one final, no problems.” –Colby Sammons, Student Alumni Quotes “One of the major advantages of Montana Western is the smaller classes. The professors are easier to get to know and easy to get ahold of if you have any issues. If you are having in trouble in the class, they are ready, willing and able to help. That one-on-one relation with our professors, students at the larger institutions don’t have.” – Ross Miller, Alumn “Montana Western fulfilled all of my needs as a student. My classes were challenging, rewarding, interesting and helpful. I got an amazing internship opportunity. And Montana Western led me to a great career right after graduation.” – Amanda McCarl, Alumnae Faculty Quotes “Experience One really highlights academics. After teaching at other schools, I know of no students reading as much, writing as much or doing as much research as our students. Having that good structure to work in and then being asked to do more, obviously results in better learning.” – Sean Eudailey, associate professor of political science.  “Experience One allows my art students to immerse themselves into the issues that professional artists face. They then can truly begin to understand the creative process of art."  – Eva Mastandrea, professor of art. Administration Quotes “With Experience One, we have carved a special niche in higher education. It is a better way for our faculty to teach and a better way for our students to learn.” – Montana Western Chancellor Richard Storey. “With block scheduling,experiential learning and low student to faculty ratio we have created at Montana Western just about the best possible circumstances for learning that exists in higher education.” – Brian Price, Assistant Provost.