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Spice it up with a basic salsa dance at Montana Western

UMW News Bureau

Montana Western's School of Outreach is offering a basic salsa dance class on Mar. 13 and 20. Put a little spice in your dance step with Basic Salsa at the University of Montana Western.  This fun, introductory class is set for Fridays, Mar. 13 and 20 from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. in the dance room of the Montana Western PE Complex. Instructor Donna Morrison will teach the basics of salsa dancing.  Students will learn to shake, shimmy and jive to fabulous Latin music. A partner is recommended but not required. There is a $16 class fee per person or $30 per couple. To register by phone or email, or for more information, call the Montana Western School of Outreach at (406) 683-7537 or toll-free 1(866) 799-9140 or e-mail