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Blacksmithing Workshop Set for Sept. 25-27

UMW News Bureau

Contemporary blacksmiths are artisans, craftsmen and professionals. Learn the art of blacksmithing in a weekend workshop at Montana Western. By Wally Feldt There was a time when a blacksmith was an integral part of a community, skilled at the trade and able to provide valuable services that ranged from repairing machinery to creating kitchen utensils. That once-essential profession is being revived again at the University of Montana Western for an encore presentation. A course in blacksmithing is scheduled for Friday through Sunday, Sept. 25 - 27 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the blacksmithing shop located in the Montana Western metals lab. The class will cover fundamental forging techniques with an emphasis on both design and tool making. Participation is mainly hands-on allowing participants the opportunity to complete their own hand-forged project. Instruction will be provided by artist, blacksmith and woodworker John Cook of Timberline Hardwood Floors and Ironworks, LLC. The class is open for ages 13 and up, but enrollment is limited. There is a a class fee of $165. To register by phone or e-mail or for more information, call the Montana Western School of Outreach at (406) 683-7537 or (866) 799-9140 or