Troy Brekke, a graduate of the Montana Youth Challenge Academy and UMW, was well prepared by both institutions for a successful business career.  

In high school Brekke suffered from an illness that jeopardized his ability to graduate. Brekke then came across the Montana Youth Challenge Academy which allowed him to finish his high school education and develop a sense of discipline he felt he was lacking.     
Montana Youth Challenge Academy, based on the Montana Western campus, assists at-risk youth in developing skills and abilities necessary to become productive citizens through focusing on the physical, emotional and educational needs of youths. 

Brekke later attended and graduated from Montana Western with a bachelors degree in business administration.

“The Youth Challenge Program gave me structure and helped me focus enough to finish high school. Through my involvement with the program I was able to gain scholarships which made it possible to attend Montana Western,” Brekke said.  

While at Montana Western Brekke had the opportunity to intern at Helix Business Solutions who later offered him a permanent position as a functional consultant.

“The experiential education I received at Montana Western has given me an advantage in the work place,” Brekke said, “Before the age of 21, I was prepared for a successful, long-term career in business.”