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Experience One


Diana Taylor is a lifelong learner.

“I’ve kind of been going to school my whole life, but now I’m actually working on a degree,” Taylor says with a laugh.

Taylor, 55, is now pursuing a degree in early childhood education to both enrich her life and bolster her skills at her current job at a Head Start in Butte, Mont.

“I just wanted to learn more about childhood development,” Taylor says. “As I went forward I found out I really enjoyed working with children in a classroom setting.”

Taylor, who has four children and eight grandchildren of her own, says working with children has given her a new perspective on life.

“I enjoy the way they’re still in awe with the world,” she explains. “They’re minds are so open and they learn so much from play. They’re like little sponges; they absorb everything.”

Juggling a schedule that would leave any child or adult in awe, Taylor is able to pursue her early childhood education degree through Montana Western’s School of Outreach. Although there are times she would like to learn in a physical classroom, Taylor says distance learning has made the pursuit of her degree easier.

“I can study at my own pace,” Taylor says. “I have a life, so I want to enjoy that too.”

Taylor also can’t say enough about the availability and helpfulness she receives from UMW faculty and staff.

“All the professors have been exceptional,” Taylor adds. “They’re always available. All the services have just been phenomenal. There isn’t anything that I have trouble with that they can’t help me fix.”